• (1.) Name five machines as types of those employed in the general processes of converting material.(2.) Name some machines, the object of which is to augment forceOne to attain speedOne directed to the guidance of tools.(3.) What is the difference between the hot and cold treatment of iron as to processesAs to dimensions? (4.)For better viewing, we recommend using the latest version of the Internet Explorer browser (click here to download it).
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    "I see them lying in the pit," explained Tom, "they must 'ave dropped off 'is 'ead as he lay there. Of course, 'e 'adn't fallen very far, otherwise 'is legs wouldn't ave been sticking up. It 'aint very steep just there, and 'is 'ead must 'ave caught in a bit of furze. But the 'at and wig 'ad rolled down to the bottom. After 'e'd gone I climbed down and picked them up."Serie Loft wins at the German Design Awards 2021 in the category Excellent Product Design - Building and Elements and in the Excellent Product Design - Eco Design category

    A set of lathe tools should consist of all that are required for every variety of work performed, so that no time will be lost by waiting to prepare tools after they are wanted. An ordinary engine lathe, operating on common work not exceeding [126] twenty inches of diameter, will require from twenty-five to thirty-five tools, which will serve for every purpose if they are kept in order and in place. A workman may get along with ten tools or even less, but not to his own satisfaction, nor in a speedy way. Each tool should be properly tempered and ground, ready for use 'when put away;' if a tool is broken, it should at once be repaired, no matter when it is likely to be again used. A workman who has pride in his tools will always be supplied with as many as he requires, because it takes no computation to prove that fifty pounds of extra cast steel tools, as an investment, is but a small matter compared to the gain in manipulation by having them at hand.{sjtxt}From February 3rd to February 7th we will attend in Valencia one of the most prestigious and international fairs of the ceramic and bathroom furnishing industry.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}The Italian Tile Contest has a lucky winner, and the coveted trip to New York for two (including a city pass and accommodation at a hotel in Manhattan) goes to the retailer Sanimex Gliwice.


    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Fine design and technological innovation are the driving force behind Ceramica Rondine when it tackles challenges in architecture and project design, wherever they come up.

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